Vinay Hegde is a UX Designer, 3D Designer, Sculptor, Speed painter and a Performing artist based in Bangalore. He is a graduate from Vancouver Film School, Canada and has the Jedi Masters from The Lucasfilm Animation, Singapore. Vinay Hegde is currently working as a  Senior UX Designer and has been a part of many movie projects by Dreamworks Animations India and Lucas Film Animation, Singapore.

                   He was born in an agriculturist family to Radha and Keshav Hegde at Sirsi, Karnataka. Art has been his passion since childhood that turned into an aspiration to excel in this field.


                   Vinay Hegde has specialized in painting from The Ken School Of Art, Bangalore (India). He has been bestowed with an opportunity to learn under the tutelage of Prof. S.K.Ramachandra Rao, a renowned scholar and celebrated authority in the area of Indology between 2001-2006, where he has studied the theoretical aspects and facets of Traditional Indian Sculpture and Philosophy. During this period he has sculpted many sculptures in Clay, Stone, Metal, Wood, Fibreglass, Wax and Plaster of Paris, which have been displayed in India and abroad.

                 His other accomplishments include valuable experience and expertise in Tabla playing under the tutelage of the legendary Tabla maestro Pandit Kishen Maharaj. He has a fascination for photography too, which has led him to capture the beauty of the ancient architecture of Indian Temples. He has authored “Dhyana Chitravali“, a book about invocations used in Traditional Indian Sculpture and has  also co-authored a book titled “Early Hoysala Art“, a pictorial depiction of temple architecture.

              Vinay Hegde is a versitile artist and has stretched the boundaries of art by combining his talent with the upcoming scientific technology. Some of his latest innovations include "GlowArt" , "Glue Art" and "Cosmic Splash" ! These art forms fuse creativity and fine artistry with technology. Whatever be the medium, his endeavour  is always to seek a sense of bliss through art!